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Roulette is consistently one of the most popular casino games at Villento Casino and it's not hard to see why. With an impressive list of roulette variations to suit every player, wide betting ranges, superior software and a massive casino bonus, these are just a few things that set Villento Casino apart from the rest. Each time you deposit on your first five deposits you will receive generous bonuses that come to a total of $1000. You can't get much better than that!

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Villento Casino is undoubtedly one of the best places to play roulette online. Not only are there generous deposit bonuses but also the highest quality and realistic roulette games available. Nothing can match the superior look of the cool green table, red and blackjack wheel and white ball that epitomises the game of roulette and that Villento Casino has recreated perfectly for its lucky players. After signing up you will have access to one of the largest ranges of online roulette games including American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette. The smooth game-play, stunning graphics and enormous jackpots keep all players happy and coming back for more!

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Playing roulette at a casino online is not just as simple as choosing a number and hoping for the best. There is a certain amount of skill involved in predicting which number, or group of numbers, the ball will land on. Take a look at the brief list of betting types in roulette:

Inside Bets:
  • Straight up bet, one number - pays 35:1
  • Split bet, any two adjoining numbers - pays 17:1
  • Street bet, three numbers in a row - pays 11:1
  • Corner bet, four numbers that form a square - pays 8:1
  • Five number bet, first five numbers only - pays 6:1
  • Six number bet, six numbers in a line - pays 5:1
Outside Bets:
  • Red/Black - pays even money 1:1
  • Odd/Even - pays even money 1:1
  • Low/High - pays even money 1:1
  • Column bet, one of the three columns - pay 2:1
  • Dozen bet, one of the three dozens - pays 2:1

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